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Screening Outsource Services is a South Florida based outsource service provider in the employment drug and alcohol screening industry.
With over fifteen years of industry experience and an efficient and effective infrastructure, our product line will enable your company to immediately satisfy all of it's employment screening needs.
Allow Screening Outsource Services to help your company with it's existing processes whether you are an employer, or a third party administrator in need of an outsource solution to fulfill a particular screening program or tobacco-free workplace procedure.
Our expertise allows us to offer an array of drug screening services to our clients. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of laboratory and instant drug screen testing.
We can manage a fully compliant DOT (FMCSA and others) or State Drug Testing program. We also have the ability to design a Corporate Policy/Program, which may include testing for synthetics, expanded panels or industry instant testing products.
Our systems and infastructure will allow our clients to automate as much or as little as they need to satisfy their individual drug screening requirements.
Click a service below for more information: Tobacco-Free Workplace
Screening Outsource Services offers onsite specimen collection services. A client may request for a certified collection professional to visit their place of business and perform onsite specimen collections on a group of employees. Advantages of this service include:
Employees do not have to leave the premise
No loss in productivity, as employees can continue working until his or her name is called for a collection
Liability and exposure limited
Contact us to schedule your onsite collection today.
Screening Outsource Services offers an online FMCSA supervisor training course that meets the educational requirements of the Department of Transportation.
Keep your supervisors in compliance with this user friendly online service today.
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If you have any questions about this training service or inquiries about another training program, click here to contact us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
If your business needs help implementing a new drug screening policy or just reviewing your existing one, Screening Outsource Services has the expertise to help.
We offer expertise in a variety of areas including:
Federal or DOT policies
Multi-state polcies
Individual State Policies
Custom or corporate policies
Tobacco Free Workplace programs
Smoke Free Workplace addendums
Testing for unique substances
Industry based policies
Contact us for more information on setting up a screening policy today.
Screening Outsource Services has an array of consulting services to meet your company's needs.
We offer services for depositions as an expert witness, preventative scenarios (e.g., policy development), auditing existing programs/policies and many others.
You may need a second opinion on a review or with a letigious scenario, let Screening Outsource Services help you today.
Contact us for our service outline and rates.